The most common Rueda figuresEducational Rueda videosInternational Rueda Congress

The most common Rueda figures

Used by lots of dance schools and festivals in several countries

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Educational Rueda videos

Available for everyone on YouTube

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International Rueda Congress

The first weekend of September every year

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New video channel!

Enjoy high quality videos from our brand new channel. New educational videos every week of Rueda de Casino figures, Casino figures, Rueda structures and other related dance topics. You may choose monthly subscription with unlimited access to the new channel for €3,5 or if you just want to enjoy one particular video the cost is €1. […]

Core Rueda figures

The core figures are the most common commands in Rueda de Casino. These are the figures you normally need to know to join a social rueda. To see explanation and video, click on the name of the figure or the category. Beginner level Start with the BEGINNER level, and then move on to IMPROVER level. Looking for intermediate […]

Rueda structures

For many rueda dancers, regular rueda de casino is the “only” way of dancing rueda. Regular in the meaning that you form a circle/wheel consisting of couples. For others this is the beginning. After some years of dancing rueda, you try out other structures and start experimenting with various combinations. Most rueda structures are relatively […]

Printable list

Printable list of the Rueda standard (3 pages) Page 1 contains the standard Rueda de Casino figures on various levels. Page 2 and 3 may be useful for teachers and callers, for suggestions to command combinations, vocabulary, quick overview of Rueda structures, etc.. Also, here is the easy solution if you need a printable version on […]