The new Rueda Standard 2014

See the updated Norwegian Rueda Standard document.

Every third year since the beginning in 2002 there has been a revision of the rueda standard. See history section for more details.
These are the changes made to the rueda standard in the 2014 revision:

  • A set of new rueda commands and vocabulary is added (in the new standard document)
  • 3 new rueda structures are added (rueda contratiempo, rueda espejo and rueda con dos mujeres) – see rueda structures
  • A new section is added to the rueda standard: Combinations of commands (in the new standard document)
  • A small set of rueda figures are removed or moved (to vocabulary, combinations) – see list of removed commands
  • The rueda commands are divided into 4 levels: Beginner, Improver, Intermediate, and Advanced
    The set of core commands consists of the commands on the levels Beginner and Improver (in the new standard document)
  • Clarification of a few rueda figures (see below)The Norwegian Rueda Standard now consists of these 5 sections (in the new standard document):
    • Rueda commands (divided into 4 levels, core commands = beginner and improver)
    • Rueda vocabulary (Spanish words that are used in rueda de casino)
    • Rueda structures
    • Casino figures
    • Combinations of commands

Changes to the website (

  • The rueda structures will be explained (English and Spanish) and illustrated with graphics and videos, including rueda structures that are common but not in the rueda standard – see rueda structures
  • Explanations (English) to each rueda command – see core videos and more videos
  • More videos on YouTube, aiming at a separate video for each rueda, and also videos illustrating command combinations, rueda structures, etc.
  • Rueda commands that are removed from the standard are not deleted from YouTube – see list of removed commands
  • A separate web document listing rueda groups and schools throughout the world that are using the Norwegian Rueda Standard – see Where to dance?
  • Promoting the open Norwegian Rueda Standard Facebook group, to be used for any suggestions, discussions, etc. – see Facebook Group

Clarifications: (This is included in the new standard document)

  • The difference between exhíbela, sacala and aspirina:
    – exhíbela is called from closed position, led with the man’s left hand
    – sacala is called from open position, led with the man’s right hand
    – aspirina is the same as sacala > siguelo


  • A group will be looking into the field of hand signals, and present a suggestion whether to include this in the Norwegian Rueda Standard or not

The previous versions of The Norwegian Rueda Standard can be found in the history section.