Update of the Rueda Standard in 2017

We want your input for the 2017 update of the Norwegian Rueda Standard.
Deadline: January 31st 2017.

Every 3rd year the Norwegian Rueda Standard is adjusted, to make it a useful guide to dancing Rueda de Casino together across borders.
Examples of adjustments/changes are:

  • adding new figures (that are commonly used)
  • removing figures (that are confusing, or not much used anymore)
  • changing figures or names (to make it more aligned with Cuban Rueda de casino tradition)
  • changing the setup in the Rueda Standard document or the website ruedastandard.no.
  • adding new elements, like hand signs, new Rueda structures, etc.

If you have suggestions, please explain them as specific as possible and email it to ruedastandarden@gmail.com. Make sure to include your name, city, country, and the name of your local salsa/rueda club.

If you are refering to specific Rueda figures we need you to send us videos of all the figures, or preferably links to YouTube videos. The plan is to put the suggested videos in a YouTube playlist and have an open Facebook poll to get everyones opinion before we decide.

Our timeline from December 2016 to September 2017:

Month Activity
 Dec – Jan    Suggestions are submitted, by Jan 31st – EVERYONE may participate
 Feb  Open Facebook poll with the submitted suggestions – EVERYONE may participate
 Mar  We are checking results, final decisions
 Apr – Aug  Preparations before launch
 Sep  Changes presented at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress 2017 in Stavanger, 31.Aug – 3.Sep  

Thank you for your contribution!