The Rueda Standard is updated!

Here are the Rueda Standard changes from 2017.

The new figures were presentet at SalsaNor’s Rueda Congress 2017 in Stavanger. Videos will be published on YouTube during fall 2017. TIP: If you subscribe to the Rueda standard YouTube channel you will get notifications when as soon as new videos are out.

Most of the Rueda Standard is not changed, main principles continue:

  • have the Rueda Standard figures aligned with the Cuban Rueda tradition
  • have the Rueda Standard spread nationally and internationally


General changes

  • Name is changed from “The Norwegian Rueda Standard” to “ – Cuban Rueda de Casino”
  • The logo is updated
  • Layout on the printable Rueda Standard document is changed, now on 3 pages
  • All the Rueda structures taught at the annual SalsaNor Rueda Congress (since 2002) will be described with text, illustrations and video.
  • For Rueda structures, only transit commands are standardised, not the structure itself.


New figures

New Rueda figuers

  • linea, rolling
  • patineta
  • pelota loca
  • enchufla contra mambo
  • enróscala
  • babosa
  • enchufla para hombres
  • enchufla con palma y pata’
  • Esquina de Tejas
  • paseala y al revés
  • vacuna (enchufla con rumba y vacuna)

New modifier command

  • .. la vecina
    Examples of combinations:

    • vacila la vecina
    • vacuna la vecina
    • prima con la vecina
    • saca la vecina

Rueda structure transit commands:

  • enchufla flip (Rueda por fuera)


More details:

Changes to existing figures

  • el cero (open position)
Figure is changed, now without turns
  • cero (Rueda al medio)
The name may be used with same meaning as ‘envuélvela’
  • cero con giro
This is the same figure that used to be called ‘el cero’ (with turning)
  • enchufla con rumba (y vacuna)
Vacuna is included as an optional part of the command
  • vamos arriba (tiempo España)
Separated into two figures: ‘vamos arriba’ and ‘tiempo España arriba’
  • abajo (tiempo España)
Separated into two figures: ‘abajo’ and ‘tiempo España abajo’
  • vacílala con giro
The name has changed from ‘vacílala y bota’

Changes to catergories

  • Rueda de la calle
New category
  • Combinations
New category
  • Variations
New category
  • Modifiers
replaces Add-ons + General commands
  • Rueda al medio +
    Rueda caminando
New caterories, replace Rueda formations
  • Open position
With two sub-categories: guapea + side by side


Changes to the CORE figures

  • patineta
New figure, replaces the similar ‘patin pa’mujeres’ in the core
  • patin pa’mujeres
Moved ouside the core, replaced in the core by the similar ‘patineta’
  • linea, rolling
New figure, Rueda de la calle (street rueda)
  • cero
New figure using a previously used name, Rueda de la calle
  • tiempo España
Split from vamos arriba, abajo, moved out of the core to Rueda de la calle
  • saca agua del pozo
Moved out of the core to Rueda de la calle
  • principe bueno, malo
Moved out of the core to Rueda de la calle
  • Bayamo
Moved into the core, casino figure
  • ochenta y quatro
Moved out of the core, casino figure
  • foto
Moved into the core, street rueda
  • … dos veces / dos …
Moved into the core, modifier
  • … y arriba / … p’arriba
Moved into the core, modifier
  • … y abajo / … p’abajo
Moved into the core, modifier


Removed figures

These are moved to the used-to-be-standard list

  • croqueta y aspirina
  • amistad complícate
  • vacílala completa
  • paseala por Bayamo
  • consorte
  • seis y nueve
  • la prima cruzada
  • cangrejo
  • Bayamo por Matanza
  • quédatela
  • enróscate
  • tienda de sombreros


The website will be updated according to the changes. This might take a few days..