19 new cities on the Rueda map in 2017

19 new cities are added to the Rueda map in 2017 (so far) – in 13 different countries!
And 18 out of 19 of the organizations/dance schools checked that they use the Ruedastandard.com (or at least some of it).

Country with most Rueda cities?

Which country do you think has most cities added to the Rueda map?
Check out the interactive Rueda map (google map).
(Hint: It’s not Norway, where the Ruedastandard project started..)

These organizations/cities are added in 2017:

  1. Crawley Bachata Salsa Academy, Crawley, United Kingdom
  2. ArmenyCasa Dance Studio,Moscow, Russia
  3. LAfrique, Wageningen, Netherlands
  4. LeuvenSalsa!, Leuven, Belgium
  5. Dansarna.se, Linköping, Sweden
  6. Cuban Salsa Jeanquartier OG, Graz, Austria
  7. Rueda Cafe, Duffel, Belgium
  8. Timba Spain, Málaga, Spain
  9. Timba Spain, Fuengirola, Spain
  10. Leiden Cuban Salsa Party, Leiden, Netherlands
  11. High Five Salsa, Dorking, United Kingdom
  12. Salsa Diabólica Dance Academy, Budapest, Hungary
  13. Salsa Timbayonne, Bayonne, France
  14. Salsaddiction, Edmonton AB, Canada
  15. Canberra Social Rueda, Holt, Australia
  16. Manifesto 1, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  17. Rueda Göteborg, Gothenburg, Sweden
  18. DC Casineros, Washington D.C., USA
  19. PatrickSalsa & Stockholm Casineros, Stockholm, Sweden

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