A view from ABOVE: Rueda structure videos

Some of the new rueda de casino structures have more complex patterns for the couples to move and change partner in. In order to get a better view on these structures we are now introducing videos recorded from above.



The 3 rueda structures we recorded from above in 2017 are published in the fall of 2017.
You will find the videos on our video channel YouTube.com/ruedastandard (subsrcibe if you want to get notifications), and also here:






Thanks to Craig Dolder (recording), Bernt Rygg (production) and to the dancers in the videos: Agnethe EggenAnna MausetAnnelise Bygland Nikolaisen, Bernt Rygg, Bianca NergårdBjørn-Tore AlmåsChristian CoelhoDiego Fuentes UtrillaEthan WagnerGunhild M. TangvikNoe Roderick and Sassan Ito.

Kudos to los fundadores Nikola Medic (rueda contrario) Jose Barretto (rueda mixta) and Anders R. Henriksen (rueda torno)!